Stag Do Stories

Because of my job, I'm always being asked for top stag do stories. You know, like'is there anything really crazy your clients have got up to?' And here's the thing. Anything I do hear back from you lot, I keep in strictest confidence. Because you never know when something's going to end up on Facebook that causes the swift rupturing of the marriage vows. Hey: I'm not responsible for what goes on in Vegas. But if I hear about it, I'm not going to tell about it.

So whenever I do get asked for stag do stories, I stick to the ones I find on the internet. Seriously. You work in this industry, you quickly get used to seeing some insane sh*t. Check this little lot out:

The not-bungee

Best stag do prank ever. You can totally do this at home, or wherever you take the big man. All you need is a blindfold, a plank, a lake and a really good liar.

The setup is simple. Blindfold your mate, and tell him he's getting a bungee jump. Lead him to the edge of a lake (note: one you know is safe to jump in). Then convince him he's up on the bungee tower, and push him off after much chickening out on his part! He'll fall two inches into cold water, you'll haul him out, dry him off and give him a change of clothes. Then you all go down the pub. Hilarious.

The posh boy and the police

This is probably one of the most famous stag do stories ever. In 2012, posh boy Alex Tulloch was arrested in the early hours of the morning while on his stag in LA. The terrified banker was taken to a police station and interrogated by hardass cops before being chucked into a cell with a massive biker.

Turns out the whole thing was an elaborate prank arranged by Tulloch's'mate' Ben Goldsmith, the insufferable son of a squillionaire financier. He'd hired cops, a TV set and a bunch of inmates for the multi-hour ordeal. And nearly got himself banned from the wedding as a result. What a d*ck.

Chicken mistake

Talking of d*cks, how about these two prize bells? Craig and Bradley Barnett thought it would be funny to leave a bunch of chickens in the groom's hotel room. It wasn't. Two died, two escaped and two ended up with the chicken equivalent of PTSD. The two idiot bird-killers were arrested and charged with cruelty to animals. They had to pay out more than ?1k in fines and costs. Serves them right.

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Date Posted: Wednesday 2nd December 2015

Author: Jim Alexander

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