Stag Do Games

A stag night isn't a stag night without a few games. Great for breaking the ice between all the different chaps in the groom's contacts list, they're also invaluable conversation starters when you're in a bar in a strange city. We've rounded up the best, all tried and tested so get involved!

Toy Soldiers

Simple and fun - and you get to use your childhood toys. Awesome. Grab a bag of plastic soldiers - you know, the ones you used to step on when you were growing up - and get the fellers to dip in and choose one each. Whoever he gets, that's his pose for the rest of the evening.

Best man is the drill sergeant, and every time he yells “attention!” the rest of the platoon has to assume the position of their toy soldiers. Best done just before the bride's brother puts in a massive order for shots in a new bar...

Drink While You Think

The grandaddy of all stag party games, Drink While You Think is the bar crawl equivalent of an AK 47. Absolutely, positively guaranteed to lay waste to every mother humper in the room, it's an alcoholic variant on the Name Game, and only to be played in emergency boredom situations.

Start with the name of a famous person - like love walrus Barry White. The next chap in line has to come up with a new famous name, starting with the first letter of the last name of the previous celebrity. Walter White, for example. Hit a double letter combo like this one, and play switches directions. Confused? You will be, when you've finished most of your pint drinking while you think up your name...

Obviously we're not encouraging you to drink irresponsibly, but you know. It's a stag do. Man up.

Shark Attack

Good times guaranteed for a stag party by the sea! Shark Attack is a classic variant on the Toy Soldiers theme, and super easy to play. Shark spotter shouts “Shark Attack!” and you all find a way to get yourselves off the floor. The last person to get to safety is “attacked” with a drink and becomes the new spotter.

Know your limits, chaps. Drinking on a stag do is fun, ending up in hospital isn't!

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Date Posted: Monday 16th February 2015

Author: Jim Alexander

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