Bond is back in SPECTRE and the main question on everyone's minds is does this stand up to the previous Daniel Craig 007 masterpieces? Well, yes and no.

Let's get the good stuff out there. You know you've got a great film on your hands when it makes 2 ½ hours feel like it goes by quick, which is exactly what happens here. The rate of action, the classic dry British sense of humour, the setting up of scenes, all of it adds to an epic film that grips you from beginning to end.

The opening action scene is amongst one of the best in the history of the movie franchise, with a level of chaos that just keeps escalating with collapsing buildings and helicopters corkscrewing through the air.

In fact all the action sequences, from the car chase through Rome to the hand-to-hand combat on the train are incredible achievements. All of it feels real in a world of way-too-much CGI and at some times, you'll wince at how brutal the violence can get. Plus Christoph Waltz makes for an amazing villain.

We get that Bond is a bit of a misogynist; if you were to watch some of the old films again you'd see his techniques of hitting on women are...questionable (plus he's slept with a good amount women over the years, with a focus on quality over quantity; find out how many women James Bond has slept with). But to bring back the'slightly force himself on women' style of flirtation feels pretty creepy in 2015.

Casino Royale was held in such high regard as one of the best Bond movies in history by bringing something completely new to the table. Over the past couple of films, they have worked to reintroduce some of the old traits into the modern world without it feeling cheesy.

To see a base inside a volcano, followed by the reintroduction of a classic Bond villain was a great call-back to 007 fans. We hope this doesn't take away the edginess that made Casino Royale so epic, but here it was amazing for the film to reminisce.

So what are we left with? This is definitely one of the best action movies of the year and well worth a watch.

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Date Posted: Tuesday 27th October 2015

Author: Jim Alexander

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