May Activity Of The Month

Since its introduction to the stag do scene, bubble football has fast become one of the best-selling activities around. One of the funniest ways to spend an afternoon on your stag weekend, you are guaranteed a laugh a minute with bubble football!

We should explain to you how it works. You will have all played five a side before, this is pretty much the same, but with one hilarious difference; you're all in massive plastic Zorb suits! As you can imagine, the restricting suits only really allow you to move your legs, so prepare to spend as much time on the floor as a continental footballer.

You won't be kicking the football anywhere near as much as a normal match, but that doesn't stop it being fun. This activity is popular with stag parties because it's the perfect balance between serious and funny. No matter of anyone's footballing ability, they will be able to take part and have a laugh. There may be a referee for your game, but this is a match that will soon descend into chaos!

If you're a stag group that are all best mates, this is the best way to take the piss out of each other and forget about your hangover for a bit. And, even if your stag party is a mixture of mates and in-laws, this is a great way to break the ice. Split yourself into teams and get ready to do battle; there won't be any tiki-taka in sight!

Talking of tiki-taka, even the Barcelona boys have played it:

You can keep count of the score if you want, but that's not really the idea around this format of the beautiful game. This is all about having a laugh and running into your mates at full speed!

No matter where you're looking at going on your stag weekend, bubble football is usually an option. The activity is available in pretty much all UK destinations, as well as a whole host of European destinations. Bubble football is also one of the best value for money stag activities going, so you won't have to dig too deep into the budget to get a game booked in.

Basically, wherever you may be heading on your stag weekend, be sure to add an afternoon of bubble football into the mix!

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Date Posted: Tuesday 7th March 2017

Author: George Crewe

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