How to keep the Stag Do Cheap

A legendary stag do may be about splashing out on the full experience, but you've got to keep it within the budget. The wedding reception is going to be a bit naff if you can't afford a DJ and lights, so we've put together these really simple tips to pull off an epic night for the lads without breaking the bank.

1. Run a kitty

Who owes who what drinks? The list of orders on a round can get long and cost an absolute bomb for the one poor sod who doesn't stick up for himself! Keep things reasonable by operating a kitty amongst the lads.

2. Plan in advance

This is something we can help with! You'll be surprised at how much more clubs and bars will charge if you rock up on the night without planning ahead and reserving.

3. Run ideas past the group first

This can save both embarrassment and money. That idea you've got for a Stag surprise may sound legendary in your head, but it could be absolutely terrible. So set up a Facebook group message and chat to all the groomsmen.

4. Pre-purchase as much as possible

From us, you can pretty much buy accommodation, activities, the meal, evening stuff like bar crawls, basically the whole lot from us. Compare that to not buying items until the Stag Do and you'll be amazed at how much you can save!

5. Research destinations

It's only been more recently that people have been going across the globe and sourcing out the best stag do locations. As you've probably seen on Stag Weekends, we offer A LOT of things to do at the best UK stag destinations and at cities all over the worldwide, with something to suit all budgets. Do your homework into ideal stag do destinations and see what comes out as the cheapest.

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Date Posted: Wednesday 28th October 2015

Author: Jim Alexander

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