How To Find The Hidden Ibiza

So you made the dream happen: a stag do in Ibiza! The White Isle beckons, with its superclubs, permissive nightlife attitudes and epic beachside raves. But what are you going to do when all the partying gets a bit much (trust me, it will)? Do what the seasoned club kids do. Grab a quad bike and head for the hills.

Here's my list of the top spots on Ibiza for a bunch of chaps who want to get away from the tourists for a couple of hours. For the real'biza experience, take an MP3 player and a sound dock, whack on some chillout tunes and have your very own sunset session. Amazing.


Not quite a lost city but still extremely cool, Atlantis is an ancient Phoenician quarry by the sea. Half beach, half historic monument, it's the perfect place to sink a couple of beers and catch some rays. Because of its position, it gets extremely hot, so bring a ton of sunscreen and water too. If you're on a Jeep safari, you can drive to Cala d'Hort, turn left and park at the end of the road with the view of Es Vedra. Atlantis is the beach below you.

Quads on the salt flats

Go quad biking in Ibiza to the island's legendary salt flats for a completely different look at the island. Next to Las Salinas beach (which is named for the saltpan surrounding it), you'll find a road extending into the bay with Ibiza's'salt mountain' at the end of it. Cross on your quads, and you'll be rewarded with a 10 minute drive through the glittering landscape.

Best time to go: late afternoon, so you can drive back through the saltpan as the setting sun reflects off the white crystals.

Cala Llentrisca

This stunning local's beach is only a short quad or Jeep ride from Ibiza Town, on the southernmost tip of the island. It gets sun all day, and it's not uncommon to find it deserted even in the middle of tourist season. Some say you can dive from the ancient wooden jetty in the middle of the beach - I'm not so sure. If you do, watch your head. The last thing the groom wants is to get married in a neck brace, and the bride probably wouldn't like it either!

At the end of the afternoon, wend your way back up to where you parked your quads (probably outside Bar Llumbi in the village of Es Cubells), and settle down for a sunset sangria.

Es Vedra

Kayak out to Es Vedra, and take a compass! The uninhabited rocky island jutting out of the water just off the southwest corner of Ibiza is said to send navigation instruments bonkers. It's also supposed to be home to sea-sirens, the Phoenician goddess of the moon, a giant, and a UFO base. These hippies are crazy.

Dalt Vila

One of only two complete fortified cities in Europe, Dalt Vila is awesome. And as it's part of Ibiza Town (the original Old Town, in fact), you barely have to rev your quad before you're parked outside its imposing entrance.

A few hundred metres and a world away from Eixample, Dalt Vila will transport you back in time to, well, not that long ago, actually. While the architecture is a reminder of a time when Ibiza Town needed to protect itself from marauding pirates, the atmosphere of Dalt Vila has its feet firmly planted in the early hippie years. You'll find jugglers, carnival performers and crazy market stalls. And some of the best food on the island.

An Ibiza stag do isn't all big beats and celebrity gurners. Drop your glowsticks for an afternoon, and go on an adventure.

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Date Posted: Monday 11th May 2015

Author: Jim Alexander

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