How To Choose Your Best Man

Now that you've popped the question to the girl of your dreams, the next question that you need to pop is to the one who'll be your best man at the wedding. How do you decide who's going to be your best man? Maybe you have a lot of options and can't decide on one or maybe you don't have any options at all and are wondering what you're going to do without a best man at your wedding?

Worry not mate, here are some tips and criteria to help you decide who's going to get drunk, cure your stag do hangover, hold your wedding ring and give the best best man speech ever. Read on!

1.Follow Your Instincts

Just like girls dream of their weddings and have all things planned in their head, there's always someone you must've thought of as your best man in your head. Recognise that one friend or brother you always thought would be your best man, and voila, you've got yourself the best man you always wanted.

But if there's absolutely no one that you ever had in mind as your best man, then here's some more criteria for choosing one.

2. Responsible and Punctual

A best man is responsible for a lot of wedding preparations and events. Starting from throwing an awesome stag do, to holding the wedding ring, walking down the aisle with the maid of honour, giving the best man speech, hosting the stag gang, receiving the wedding guests and much more. You need someone who can handle all the responsibilities and also patiently manage last minute stressful situations in a wedding.

You also need someone who is punctual and shows up for all the events on time. You can't be left at the altar confused who to wait for, the best man or the bride, so make sure you choose someone who's on time.

3. Brother or Friend?

If you're confused between choosing your brother or your best friend, then you should know that traditionally it's the brother who's chosen as the best man. In case the groom doesn't have a brother, then the next male relative closest to the groom's age is supposed to be the best man. Nowadays however, the trend and idea behind choosing the best man, is the person who is closest to the groom. So if you're closer to your brother than your best friend, then go ahead and choose him. But if your bond with your best friend is more precious to you, then choose him.

Either ways, be rest assured whoever you choose, the other would understand because everyone wants the best for you and your happiness on your wedding day, so it's really all on you.

4. Stuck between two?

If you're stuck between two choices for a best man and can't decide between the two, then don't stress. It's not unusual for grooms to have two best men. In fact it's quite a popular trend, so go ahead and ask both your choices for a best man to be your best men. You can distribute the responsibilities, have one of them host your stag do and let the other hold the wedding ring. Or you could have them share the responsibilities together.

What's better than having the most important men of your life stand right behind you on your wedding day?

5. Wifey's Pick

If you're totally not able to decide and are drawing a blank, have your better half make the decision for you. She's going to be doing that a lot once you're both married, so why not start early with the decision of your best man? Give her choices and ask her to pick one or just have her choose one out of all the possible options. As they say, a wife is always right!


The decision to choose a best man has to be a well thought one. You must choose someone you can surely expect to throw you a great stag do and also be responsible enough to show up on time for the wedding despite the hangover. So get yourself a best man who's all work but also all play. In short, don't get yourself a Jack!

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Date Posted: Thursday 8th November 2018

Author: Barry O'Neil

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