How to Beat The Stag Hangover

So you've had a wild night of booze and babes and now you have to face the morning after. Are you worried about having to wake up with a pounding headache that can still hear the beat from last night's music? Are you calling last night a bad decision? Are you telling yourself you're never going to drink again? Bah humbug!

Booze is what makes a stag night memorable, there cannot be a stag night without booze. Booze and hangovers are best friends and to break this friendship you're going to have to work towards it a little. There is a lot of information and a lot of tips on how to cure a hangover fast, but what cures a hangover is different for each body type. However, there are few ways that have been tried, tested and proven and can help with the hangover headache.

Don't you worry, we've shortlisted and got tips on the best way to cure a hangover, for you right here. There are two ways of tackling a hangover. You either take steps to ensure you don't get one at all, or you deal with it the morning after your debauchery.

1. Pre- hangover

The pre- hangover is for you to take steps that will help in ensuring that you keep loving your booze even the morning after and don't wake up with a hangover at all.


You should know that the main cause of your hangover is dehydration. Your body loses out on lots of vitamins and water and hence that causes the feeling of nausea and headache the next day which in the world of parties is called a hangover. Alcohol causes you to pee a lot more than usual because your stomach gets irritated by alcohol, your liver processes the alcohol into toxins and hence you pee more to release the toxins from your body. Peeing more means you're losing out on more water and are less hydrated and so your body needs more water. Just make sure you're drinking a glass of water between each drink you're downing. If you can manage to have one or two vitamins, water or soft drinks then that would be absolutely wonderful.


The kind of food you have before you begin your debauchery can go a long way in helping you not get a hangover. It is said that you should line your stomach with complex carbs, fatty and greasy foods. These foods absorb alcohol much better than others. You can also have lots of dairy products like cubes of cheese, a glass of milk etc. they will help absorb the alcohol. This done along with constantly drinking water, will definitely help a lot with not getting a hangover at all.

2. Post- Hangover

If booze's best friend has engulfed you already then don't worry too much, because firstly it's not permanent, although it may feel like that, and secondly, find out below what cures a hangover.


Oh yes, it's important the morning after as well. If you couldn't follow the hydration routine before and during your stag night, then make sure the morning after you're drinking lots of water. You can also add lemon to your water and have it once or twice. If these are still not doing the trick then try to get a hold of some beverage with lots of electrolytes in it, without the added sugar of course. For example, you can have coconut water, sports drinks or anything that would be loaded with electrolytes and get your body hydrated quickly.


The word exercise might be throwing you off, but hear us out. You need the endorphins and you need the blood pumping in your body. Also sweating it out means the toxins are leaving your body. So go for a run or just do some exercises at home, but get your heart racing, endorphins released and sweat dripping to get the toxins out of your body. Make sure you hydrate yourself plenty before and after the workout because exercise will also dehydrate your body further. But nothing that a few glasses of water at regular intervals can't help.

Sauna and Steam

If you have access to a sauna and steam close by, then definitely go for it because it will make you sweat and also ensure that you move. Moving from the comfort of your bed and getting rid of last night's stench is very important. You need to physically get out of the hangover to mentally get out of it. Sweating it out in a sauna and steam, followed by a good, warm shower,  will enable the exit of toxins from your body and that's very important to cure a hangover, what goes in must come out!


You might be craving that cheesy pizza or a nice burger, but if you want to cure that hangover headache, then only go for vitamin and potassium rich foods like eggs, meat, fish, bananas, avocados and certain veggies which will give you the vitamins you need to cure your stag hangover. You can also have coffee to get you moving and get some energy into your body.


If you just want to know how to cure a hangover headache using medicine, then a over the counter Tylenol or Aspirin should do the trick. A lot of pills can become toxic if mixed with alcohol, so make sure you're popping them pills carefully.


Now that you know the tricks of the hangover trade, get going on the debauchery and know that you only get married once, so hangover or not, leave no shot unfinished on your last night and go all out on your stag weekend. If you want a stag night that will go down in the history of stag nights, get in touch with our stag weekend experts and get yourself a stag night package that best suits your stag needs and requirements.

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Date Posted: Friday 14th September 2018

Author: Barry ONeil

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