How To Break The Ice On Your Stag Weekend

You don't have to play a round of Plums No C*ck to break the ice on your stag weekend. Put your wedding tackle away and try something that's less likely to get you kicked out of the bar or club you're in. I've trawled the internet, asked random strangers in pubs and relived my own greatest stag moments to bring you this list. Some of it is almost sensible?¦


Simple, effective, do what they say on the tin. ID tags don't have to look like the lame-o ones you get at conferences, you know. Use yours to identify the chaps by nickname, favourite drink, relation to the groom and, er, position. You'll break the ice in seconds and the extra info is always helpful when meeting strange ladies. After all, who doesn't love a prop forward?


There are two kinds of drinking games - the ones where you get to know your fellow stags, and the ones where you pass out/get banned from entering all bars/get arrested. Go for the first kind, obvs.

These'getting to know you' games are best played in the first pub or during the inevitable pre-going out drinks at the hotel. The key is to pick a game that won't get everyone smashed, and will reveal something about each chap. My favourite is Never Seen Star Wars, a reasonably sedate game that lets men's men reveal stuff about their dim and distant past without having to say a word.

The setup is simple. Someone makes a statement (it must be true), which begins with the words'I have never?¦'. Anyone who has done what was said takes a drink from his pint. Keep it honest, and you can do the whole thing without tedious explanations. Genius.


There's something about a TV screen that disables the normal man-instinct for reticence. Lifetime bonds are formed over beer and football matches.

If you haven't planned your stag weekend to coincide with a crucial game, you can always get a hit of pseudo-sport by playing cyber golf on a Nottingham stag do. This genius little party-starter combines the two best things in life - beer and golf simulators - in easy-to-reach surroundings. Why play an actual 18 holes, when you can smash the best courses in the world from the comfort of a private booth?


Theme it right, and stag weekend fancy dress also becomes the perfect way to bond with the boys. Go for music legends or favourite film characters, and you'll start a night full of drunken discussions about the relative merits of Indiana Jones and Whitesnake. Yoda or Jason Bourne? John Bonham or Angus Young? Whether you're arguing about who'd win in a fight, or who you would rather get drunk with, a few beers and a classic costume are the perfect recipe for breaking barriers.

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Date Posted: Wednesday 16th September 2015

Author: Yazmina Wallace

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