Five Drinks to Cure Your Hangover

Dry mouth, banging headache, we've all been there. The familiar feelings associated with the morning after a heavy night!

Unfortunately lads, there is no complete cure for that dreaded hangover, but there are a few liquid based reliefs that can make us feel that little bit more human.

Based on our - let's just say years of experience - we have put together a list of some of the best fluids to sip on when hanging like the proverbial monkey.

Coconut Water

Our good friend alcohol is a diuretic, which means it dehydrates us. A proper session sucks your body dry'including your brain which is where the headache comes from. Sports drinks such as lucozade are a common source of hangover cure and they do work!

However, a lot of the artificial additives in lucozade and the like aren't too kind on our brain cells. Our more natural friend (coconut water) has just as many electrolytes as an energy drink. Once you get used to its unusual consistency, it's a refreshing way to accompany your self-pitying self.

Orange Juice

Nothing says good morning like a big glass of OJ. And whether it's morning or afternoon that you attempt to overcome that big ol' nasty hangover, orange juice can help you along the way. Orange juice is high in Vitamin C, which can accelerate the metabolism of alcohol and it is healthy to boot. The only question left is'bits or no bits?


Most of us need a coffee to get us going when we haven't got a hangover! Well, caffeine can also be our energising friend after a night on the tiles. Caffeine has been proven to combat alcohol and reduce the pain of the headache we get. There's something wonderful about the smell of fresh coffee and even more wonderful about its hangover curing ability.


Eating can be difficult on a hangover. The thought of munching on an apple doesn't sound too pleasant, as well as a lot of effort! But on the flip side, fruit contains vitamins that will help us be rid of our hangover. If only there was a better way to get that fruit into our systems, well there is! A fruit smoothie provides us with the perfect opportunity to ingest all that goodness that fruit can give us, and there are some tasty options to choose from!


Yes, I know it's not glamorous, but water can sometimes be the best medicine for a hangover from hell. It can also be used as a preventative; some suggest downing a pint of water when you get in from a heavy night to make that headache a little more manageable.

But, let's be honest, we're not usually in a fit state to think that wisely when we stumble through the door at whatever hour. Therefore, its next day ability to conquer a hangover is better served for the most of us!

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Date Posted: Thursday 2nd June 2016

Author: George Crewe

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