Best Amsterdam Stag Do Ideas

Fancy going Dutch for your stag weekend? If so, a stag do in Amsterdam will be perfect all the lads! Amsterdam stag do activities are some of the best around; from your downright dirty to adrenaline fuelled activities for the boys!

The Dutch capital is only an hour away and can also be reached by ferry, so it's the perfect location to get away without having to clock up too many air miles! From beer bikes to midget strippers, the home of the Red Light District could provide you with the stag weekend of a lifetime. Here are some of our recommended packages for an Amsterdam stag do:

Accommodation only package

We know that with so much to do on a stag do in Amsterdam, you may want to keep your plans a little more secret shall we say. With that in mind, we offer this accommodation only package, so you can go out and explore the'culture' and be safe in the knowledge that you'll have somewhere to crash at the end of the night!

Beer Bike package - /amsterdam-stag-party/

One thing you'll notice as soon as you arrive in Amsterdam is the amount of bikes. They're everywhere! Another thing the locals love is beer, so why not combine the two and get all the lads on a beer bike! Pull your own pints from the central tap on the bike but save some energy for pedalling as the bike is partially powered by all of you. Get one of the lads to make a playlist for the cruise round the Dam as you can hook up your phone to your Dutch carriage!

Rifle Shooting package -

Amsterdam stag do activities don't come manlier than this! A licensed, professional shooting instructor will show you the way and then you can make it competitive to see which of the lads the best marksman is as you are given a range of targets to hit. This activity will require accuracy and precision, so you can see who the James Bond of your group really is! The fun doesn't end there, though. You will be taking shots of a different type in the evening on your Amsterdam bar crawl as an expert local guide takes you to all the best bars and clubs in town!

For more information on booking your stag do in Amsterdam contact us on 01773 766 006 or you can email us at

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Date Posted: Thursday 19th May 2016

Author: George Crewe

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