A epic Stag Party package for you

Planning a stag weekend can be challenging, from selecting a destination to organizing activities. Let us ease the burden with our stag weekend packages. We curate experiences based on the groom's preferences and group interests. The benefits of our packages include convenience, cost-effectiveness, stress reduction, expertise, activity variety, and time savings. We offer an array of packages for both local and international destinations.Below we have listed just a few reasons why stag party packages are beneficial.

Savings Beyond expectations: Ensure your weekend is cost effective with our stag packages. Benefit from reduced rates on activities and accommodation.

Stress-free celebrations: Planning a stag party shouldn’t be difficult. Our packages take away the stress by offering a perfectly designed itinerary and managing logistical complexities.

Crafted for you: Lean on our expertise to ensure you have an outstanding stag party. We will recommend activities that we think will be perfect for you and all the lads. Get ready for a legendary stag do.

Maximize your time: Planning from scratch can be very time consuming. Our packages ensure that you can plan quickly and then enjoy the entirety on the weekend.

Endless Possibilities: The stag weekend you have always dreamt of is within reach. We offer an array of packages. We are ready to ensure we can provide a legendary stag party.

We can provide an endless list of packages to ensure you have a stag do you will never forget. We can provide these packages for locations abroad or in the UK. Here is a glimpse into just a few of the packages we can provide 


Bournemouth offers an electrifying stag do experience. From its stunning beaches and water sports to vibrant nightlife and top-notch dining, this coastal gem guarantees an unforgettable celebration. Dive into adventure, embrace the party scene, and create lasting memories on a Bournemouth stag weekend.


Albufeira's sun-soaked shores and electric nightlife set the stage for an epic stag do. From thrilling water sports and golden beaches to vibrant bars and clubs, this Portuguese paradise guarantees a memorable celebration for the groom and his crew.


Newcastle, a vibrant stag do destination, boasts lively nightlife, iconic landmarks, and friendly locals. Explore the Quayside's bars, revel in the Bigg Market's energy, and relish in the city's renowned party scene. A Newcastle stag do promises unforgettable memories for the groom and his entourage.


Embark on an electrifying stag party in Bristol, where vibrant nightlife, diverse bars, and trendy restaurants set the stage for unforgettable celebrations. From iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge to thrilling activities, this city guarantees an action-packed weekend, making the groom's send-off a legendary experience.

Stag weekend packages simplify planning and enhance your celebration. Packages offer convenience by bundling activities, accommodations, and more. They save time, reduce stress, and often come at discounted rates, making them cost-effective. Expertly crafted itineraries ensure a memorable and hassle-free stag party for the groom and the group.Ready to book your stag do package? Give us a call today and we will get started on creating a legendary stag weekend for you and all the lads.

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Date Posted: Friday 18th August 2023

Author: Nellie Gethins

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