5 Ways NOT to Propose

Valentine's Day proposal on the cards? We've already listed 14 epic ways to do it, but here are five ways NOT to propose!

1. On Twitter

Deadmau5 might make some incredible music, but his idea to propose to Kat Von D on Twitter was terrible! He shared a picture of the ring and tweeted'I can't wait for Christmas so ?¦ Katherine Von Drachenberg, will you marry me?' Of course she said yes, but copy this plan at your peril! It makes for a naff public proposal without any effort whatsoever.

2. Via text message

Again, another terrible idea. Your partner maybe hooked on their phone. That doesn't mean they want to be proposed to via text. Add an extra bonus point for using emojis. That will make things worse!

3. Accidentally in international waters

You've planned a romantic canoe trip, and your girlfriend has no idea you're going to propose! Seems perfect right? Wrong. This particular trip went horribly awry when they got stranded miles from shore and had to call the coast guard. Nothing says romance like using your survival skills to stay alive.

4. With tattoos

Getting inked to pop the question might seem like a good idea, but get that thought out of your head right now! You may live to regret that permanent mark if she says no?¦

5. With pizza

We get it, you love pizza. Hell, the entire team would love a Domino's right now (if our manager is reading this?¦please get us pizza). But putting a ring on it? Not so much. Surprising your partner with the question isn't a great idea, and you'll get grease and tomato sauce all over it. The whole idea is just too cheesy!

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Date Posted: Friday 12th February 2016

Author: Jason England

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