14 Epic Ways To Propose On Valentine's Day

Planning to pop the question on Valentine's Day? Let us help with 14 epic proposal ideas for the big day!

1. On the finishing line of a marathon

At Seattle's Rock'n' Roll Half Marathon, Jeff had the brilliant idea of proposing to Natalie on the finish line.'Don't think of this as us crossing a finish line together, but us crossing a starting line to a new chapter of our lives together,' he said. Luckily she said yes!

2. Part of a complete breakfast

The girlfriend decides to make breakfast, but you're one step ahead with a ring box hidden in the egg carton! Be ready to drop on one knee and pop the question.

3. Use the pets

Whether it's Digby the Golden Retriever or Jeff the Guinea Pig, every pet is your partner's best friend. Surprise her/him with a ring on the collar!

4. Use the force (not literally!)

If you're a film buff, you will love this! This top chap created an epic lightsaber confrontation with the wife-to-be's dad. When the dust settles, the would-be groom is behind her on one knee. A creative proposal that you need to watch.

5. In secret

Proposing in a theme park? What about these guys, who decided to use the ride's camera to their advantage. Good idea?

6. Use your job to your advantage

Working at Home Depot (the American version of Homebase) may get boring sometimes. But what if your colleagues were happy to help make your proposal epic? A flash mob to the couple's favourite song really caught this lucky guy off guard!

7. The heartstopping thriller

This is a classic, with over 32,000,000 views on YouTube! Matt Still proposed to his girlfriend using an epic movie trailer, with which he surprised her before a showing of Fast & Furious. Top effort!

8. The rooftop

Propose with an epic view! Set an amazing atmosphere with a city skyline in the background, and really create a memory that lasts a lifetime.

9. Flash mob

Taking over London's Covent Garden, Hassan impressed his girlfriend with a 20-piece dancing flash mob! The Michael Jackson dance moves are especially impressive.

10. Magic

Magic tricks are quick to learn, so use one to surprise your partner and pop the question.

11. A scavenger hunt

Make your partner really work for their proposal. It's unfair if you're making all the effort! In late August, Josh prepared a city-wide scavenger hunt for Romina, in which she got to take a trip down the memory lane of their relationship. After a fair few miles, it all ended with Josh popping the question. Epic idea!

12. With a biker gang burnout

Round up some Hell's Angels, and give your marriage proposal some horsepower! This guy walked through a wall of tyre smoke to propose to his fianc?©.

13. Underwater

The last place you expect a proposal is at the bottom of the ocean!

14. Get Zach Braff to do it

The Scrubs star had a hand in helping this guy with his epic proposal video! Featuring all of her friends and family, and Zach Braff of course, she absolutely loved it.

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Date Posted: Friday 12th February 2016

Author: Jason England

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