5 Cheap Valentine's Gifts that will Win You Man Points

Valentine's Day can be a minefield for any lad. Not only do we have to buy a gift, but it's got to be the right one which requires more thought than grabbing the nearest Me To You bear. Don't worry; we've got your back! Here are five cheap gift ideas that will win you serious brownie points.

1. A framed picture of you two

Dive onto Facebook and grab a picture from a significant moment, whether it's the first night you met or a holiday last summer. This is an epic gift idea for the girlfriends who like to tell stories about the past, really tapping into the memories and making you look great.

2. Carpet picnic

Valentine's dinners are expensive. Our local restaurant has added a 100% markup on food prices, just because it's February 14th. Save all of that cash with the classic carpet picnic. You don't need much: a picnic blanket laid out on the living room, food, wine and her favourite film. All for £15 or less. Valentine's gift nailed! PRO TIP: to really nail the ambience, pull together a Spotify playlist of her favourite songs.


3. Perfume

This requires the least amount of thought, but you'll need to put some spy work in. Check what perfume she wears first. Guess and you'll probably completely mess it up. Costing between £15-30, perfume can be an absolute steal. You've just got to look in the right places!

4. A gift both of you can keep

When it comes to gifts, a sure-fire winner is something like two jigsaw pieces, one for each of you. An item to literally link you two together will win you some serious brownie points for being romantic.

5. DIY Voucher book

Every guy hates doing the chores, or spending hours cooking a meal. But if you want to nail Valentine's Day without spending a penny, a simple homemade voucher book with coupons for your man services will do the trick!

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Date Posted: Friday 12th February 2016

Author: Jason England

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