10 Cheapest Cities For Beer On Your Stag Weekend

It's beer o'clock. What is the first thing the lads will want when getting together for a stag do…a beer! Well, we have listed the top 10 places you may want to consider for your stag party based on the price of beer.

Starting from the most expensive:

10. Lisbon, Portugal – you will find a pint here for an average price of £1.55

9. Budapest, Hungary – Here you will find a pint for around £1.50

8. Lagos, Nigeria - £1.42 is the price of an average pint here.

7. Bogota, Colombia – Average price is £1.41 … Can beer get any cheaper… let's find out.

6. Prague, Czech Republic – Yes it can… £1.21 average pint price.

5. Accra, Ghana – Here the price is as low as £1.12

4. Der as Salaam, Tanzania – Nearly below the pound at £1.09

3. Kampala, Uganda - £0.87… imagine the hangover…

2. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – You'll get a pint here for an average price of £0.83

1. Finally, the cheapest city for a pint is… HANOI, VIETNAM. £0.75!!

So, if this has persuaded the group to where you will be going then give us a call to help you plan the stag's single life send-off that involves plenty of beer!!

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Date Posted: Friday 30th August 2019

Author: Charlotte Sneddon

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