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Blackpool Dungeon Experience

Get ready to scream on your Blackpool stag party...

Want to experience a completely different side of one of the UK's most popular seaside resorts as you celebrate the big lad's last stand? Blackpool Dungeon Experience is the way forward and will give your stag party memories to last a life time. The bars, pubs, clubs and amusements will be waiting when you leave the dark step into the lift and head down into the unknown.

The smiling faces of families and the noise of laughter is a far cry from the history of Blackpool. When your stag party steps into the lift, the Jester will give your stag party the rules of the dungeon and the fun begins. First stop on the path to terror is the Dark Chapel. Step straight into history to learn about the Great Plague and be under the guise of the monks. Will they let you have safe passage? Only one way to find out.

Find what lurks beneath the surface on a stag do in Blackpool!

Escape the monks and head straight into the lair of the plague doctor, who will teach you about the cures he performed during 1349. Have a seat and the terror under his gaze soars. If your stag party survives the plague, your headed for the torturer's domain. Bloody, repulsive and fascinating in equal'll discover what torture is really like.

From a medieval courtroom where the judge doesn't care whether or not your guilty - he'll find something you're guilt for to a full-on Viking invasion, the Blackpool Dungeon is a brilliant outing for a bunch of guys celebrating the groom's big weekend. Come on, lads; you know it makes sense.

In a nutshell:

  • Group tickets
  • Rides and shows
  • Ask your stag party planner for further details
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