Blackpool 3 Course Meal

If you're having your stag weekend in Blackpool - home of some of the most inspired drinking in the UK! - you don't want to mess around with disappointingly small portions of food. Head straight for the good stuff with our 3 course meal.

We've joined forces with great local restaurants to bring you the best of the best. We're talking hugely hearty eats here, with all the stag favourites front and centre.

Dig in to stone baked pizzas, humungous burgers and tasty dessert treats like hot brownies and creamy cheesecake. Your stag weekend might be in Blackpool, but your stomach will think it's gone to New York. Yum.

Loading up with proper food before a night out in Blackpool's party spots is a matter of stag survival. You run a serious risk of falling asleep outside the Pleasure Beach if you don't go for a full tactical load prior to partying!

The beauty of booking a 3 course meal in advance is that the bill is all sorted and paid for before you get anywhere near the actual food. We add the cost of dinner to your stag weekend invoice, meaning you'll have it cleared while you're still at work, waiting for the big event to kick off. Genius.

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