Birmingham VIP Night Club Entry

Birmingham's Broad Street is home to some of the best clubs in the city. Make sure your stag party gets into the one you want with our guaranteed VIP entry pass!

VIP club entry does exactly what it says on the tin. We'll put the chaps front and centre for an awesome evening of drinking, dancing, and talking to the hottest girls in the city. Turn heads as you stroll right past the epic queue (queues are always huge in Birmingham) and saunter up to the bar.

Did we say bar? We meant one of several. The clubs on our VIP list are epic affairs, just what you'd expect from the city that gave you Gatecrasher and Godskitchen. Expect multiple floors with a varied music policy, and plenty of choice in the alcohol department!

So what's it to be, chaps? A night of reaching for the lasers, in the company of the hottest club chicks known to stag-kind? Or a cheesy selection of old school floor fillers, courtesy of Birmingham's most popular 80s and 90s club? Whether you're a dedicated raver or a weekend warrior, we've got the perfect party pass for you.

You can't afford to leave the big stag party night to chance. Our VIP passes mean you get in to the club of your choice, while other big groups of guys are being turned away for "having the wrong shoes on". Birmingham is notorious for its strict door policies. Play the clever card. Pre-book your nightclub entry, and dress to impress.

In a nutshell:

  • VIP entry to one of Birmingham's biggest clubs

Packages That Include This Activity:


From £90.00 Per Person

Driving and Shooting

From £170.00 Per Person

Birmingham Stag Do Ideas - Quad Racing
Fuel Injection

From £127.00 Per Person

Tequila Experience

From £131.00 Per Person

Whiskey Experience

From £107.00 Per Person

Birmingham Stag Do Ideas - Totally Wiped Out
Wiped Out Weekend

From £139.00 Per Person