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Birmingham Turbo Cricket

Don't just like cricket - love it.

Cricket? Bit boring, isn't it? Not when it's Birmingham Turbo Cricket! Perfect for a stag party, this is an hour-long, well-run activity that's loads of fun and will definitely get the blood pumping and team spirit going. Split into teams of 6 and play a fast and furious 10 overs per innings game. A more compact cricket pitch and a soft ball make play simpler and pain-free. Give it a shot, have a laugh and keep the boys entertained before the big stag night bar crawl round Broad Street or the Mailbox if you're a bit posh.

Here's why Birmingham Turbo Cricket is not boring: it's loaded with twists and turns that make it livelier and way more exciting than your standard test match. Everyone has a stint as bowler. If you're a batsman, there's no limit on the number of turns you can take. Make the most of turbo overs, when it's double runs.

Come on, lads. Give it your all!

Try your hardest to hit a 6 - you get 10 runs for those

Sixes are a fast way to boost your team's score. Watch out for batsmen hogging the wickets, though. They might enjoy unlimited turns but if a batsman doesn't retire at 20, the team will get slammed with a 10-run penalty.

Cricket is big in Brum. The Birmingham Cricket League is the oldest one in the country. That makes the sport an excellent choice for a stag. You've not got all day to play a match. Turbo Cricket gives you a taste of the sport but speeds up the action. If you want something different that's fast, fun and competitive, get your names down for the supercharged version.

In a nutshell:

  • Faster, shorter, more dynamic kind of cricket
  • 60-minute event
  • Accredited event instructors
  • Full of twists and surprises
  • Equipment included
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