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Birmingham Stunt School

Shift your stag weekend into high gear with this driving activity

This isn't your average run of the mill activity, this is one activity straight from the ultimate action-packed stunt school. You'll learn everything from awesome j-turns, plus you'll get to see many weird and wonderful funny cars with choreographed stunts for the lads. It promises to be a day out you'll never forget! It's incredible and there's plenty of great instructors, roving commentators and atmosphere with this activity.

This stunt school is totally nuts...

Take on classic handbrake turn with the auto stunt manoeuvre and trust us it's not as hard as it looks. You'll have plenty of time of perfect the key car slide before lining up for the classic 2 car "power-pirouette" stunt. You and the lads will not be left wanting! Afterwards it's time for the Double Decker Chaos, forget buses and imagine two cars with one stacked on top of one another. The Car Chase is the quintessential car control manoeuvre and you'll learn how to throw yourself out of a high speed reverse for a slick getaway. After that you'll be thrown into the push-me pull-you event where you'll learn how to throw your car out of high speed reverse for a slick getaway and you'll learn the coolest trick in the book.

What are you waiting for lads? It's time to get it booked in.

In a nutshell:

  • Great instructors
  • Roving commentators
  • Drivers briefing
  • Prizes and certificates
  • Competitive event
  • Wear warm clothing and sensible trainers or shoes
  • Approx. 4 hours
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Looking for a completely unique package?

Want to try this exciting activity as part of your Stag Weekend? Just give us a call or click for a quote on this activity, let us know which location or area of the world you would like to do this and we will sort the rest for you.

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