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Birmingham Off Road Driving

Get dirty without getting divorced, thanks to our mud-guzzling off road driving session! With fully kitted out Land Rovers at your disposal, your stag weekend challenge is simple. Get to the end of two purpose built trails without bogging down in the mud...

The first course is designed to give beginners a real taste of off road driving. Expect dirt tracks, total off road sections and some surprising obstacles! Once you've mastered the basics with the capable assistance of our expert instructors, you'll be given the chance to test your skills on the master course.

Fully all terrain, the second course contains some of the toughest off road sections in Birmingham! You'll be tackling a carefully designed woodland track, which includes plenty of bone-jarring scrambles and hidden tests. The secret is to keep the Land Rover in its lowest differential setting and use the clutch to get out of boggy problems. Oh, and keep those windscreen wipers going if you want to be able to see anything!

The ultimate stag weekend activity for a chap who wants to do something adventurous, off road driving combines everything you love in one trail-smashing package! Get behind the wheel of powerful machines, get some fresh air and destroy an obstacle course. What's not to like?

In a nutshell:

  • Off road driving centre just outside Birmingham
  • 1 hour
  • Driving licence is required for each participant
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