Birmingham Electric Shock Football

The beautiful game has evolved...

Planning a Birmingham stag do for a bunch of football fanatics? Want something funnier and way more memorable than bog standard 5-a-side? Raise the bar with electric shock football. Two players from each team are given little shock gadgets. They sit off the pitch and control what happens - by shocking the players! That's right; they can shock anyone, any time. Now you can control the result by giving the players quick shocks for everything from diving to epic falls and fails. Or just for the hell of it! You can even do the ref if he makes a call you don't rate. Just remember one thing: you only get the device for a little while, not for the full hour. The event coordinator will rotate you all so everyone gets a go at playing God.

Electric shock football levels the playing field, big time. Remember, if you're the one holding the shockers, you can take good players out of the game for a few crucial seconds and stop them getting goals in the back of the net. It's a real game changer.

It's the new craze that's taking the world of sport by storm. You've got to get in the game! Give us dates and numbers. We'll get electric shock football sorted for your Birmingham stag do.

In a nutshell:

  • Play electric shock football games
  • Event organiser and referee
  • Pitch for 1 hour
  • Shock devices, bibs and ball
  • Up to 15 players
  • Photo of your group
  • Strictly 18+ only

Packages That Include This Activity:

Shock and Awe

From £160.00 Per Person