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Birmingham Bushcraft

'Life is an adventure that is best lived boldly.' - Bear Grylls

Done coasteering, gorge walking and you want to do something completely different yet equally as challenging on your stag weekend? Birmingham Bushcraft is the kind of activity that was designed for stag parties who love the great outdoors and their favourite shows include Bear Grylls and Dual Survival on the Discovery Channel.

See something more than the inside of the bars and clubs on Broad Street on your final weekend of freedom. Get into the stunning Birmingham countryside and put your survival skills to the test. There's little better for bonding a stag party together than learning to survive in the wild. Do something seriously manly with your mates before you go out and smash a night on the town!

Survive now. Cry later.

Bushcraft will teach your stag party the kind of skills you'll need if there's ever a zombie apocalypse or if you get lost in the woods on holiday. Your stag party will go through challenges like building bivouacs, lighting fires and how to find which direction is North. The best way to make sure your team survives the day is to set up shelter, get fire for warmth and find some water. The longer you bicker, the less of a chance you have to make it out of this one alive.

If you've ever wondered how you'd do on a deserted island or if you just love the outdoors and want to see if you've got the skills it takes to live off the land, bushcrafting is brilliant. By the end of the day you'll be brimming with confidence, your stag party spirit will be flying and all the lads will be filled with enough energy to go the distance in Birmingham!

In a nutshell:

  • Birmingham Bushcraft Experience
  • Learn key survival skills
  • Min. group size: 10
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