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Birmingham Battlezone Archery

The lovechild of dodgeball and archery! Battlezone Archery is the latest, greatest activity you can do on a Birmingham stag weekend. Experience the heat of battle without getting brained. You'll go in wearing safety masks, armed with flexible bows and rubber-tipped arrows. Each team has six players and five cones with balls on top on their side of battlefield. The objective is to either hit all five of their balls or shoot all of their players. Do either one of those and your team wins that game. Then you switch ends and play a different game like Capture the Flag or Kamikaze Run.

The battle may be won but the war continues...

A match is five games, and if you've got a big group the event can be expanded into a tournament with rounds. The instructors will provide you with all the necessary equipment and brief the group before you begin.

There will be surprises in store for the stag, manly roaring, overly dramatic 'deaths' and plenty of adrenaline-charged action. This will keep the boys entertained no problem and it ticks the male bonding box.

There are loads of things you could do on a Birmingham stag weekend: the Colour Tunnel, Barber Motorsports, haunted Sloss site, and a very messy night on Broad Street of course. But if you want something different that'll be remembered longer than any of those, Battlezone Archery is your best bet.

In a nutshell:

  • Competitive team event
  • Archery match with a dodgeball element
  • 5 games to a match
  • Games you'll recognise from paintball and dodgeball
  • Different games to make things even more interesting
  • Arrowheads are rubber
  • Head guards are provided
  • Professional instructors
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