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Benalmadena Party Boat

Add some class to your stag weekend with a boat party! This sophisticated little number sets sail from Benalmadena marina in time for sunset, and with plenty of drinks to get you dancing it's the perfect pre-dinner event.

OK, so we lied a little bit. It's not that sophisticated! With dozens of hens and stags from Spain and the UK throwing shapes to the house band and DJ, this is more like a floating pre-club bar than a quiet cruise. Add some go-go dancers to the mix, and you've got a recipe for full-on fun. Can you keep up as the saxophonist gets everyone reaching for the lasers?

You can't come to the Costa del Sol on your stag weekend and not go on a boat party! Perfect for the early bit of Saturday evening, this is practically a rite of passage for fellers on their final weekend of freedom. Join with other groups of party-hearty strangers, make a ton of new friends, and get warmed up for a Saturday night like no other!

As the sun goes down over the horizon, and Benalmadena town lights up like a postcard, your party boat turns back for the marina, just in time to make your next decision. Dinner at a restaurant - or straight on to the next bar? We know what we'd do...

In a nutshell:

  • 3 hours
  • 2 drinks per person (beer, wine or sangria)
  • Go-go dancers, house music DJ on board
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