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Benalmadena Beach Bar

If you think your Saturday hangover is going to prevent you from taking advantage of all ten adventure activities Benalmadena has to offer, may we recommend an alternative? While action-packed stags are charging around shooting each other with paint capsules, you lot could be chilling beach-boy style in one of the coolest bars on the Costa del Sol!

We're talking reserved sunbeds, a bunch of free drinks, a massive sharing lunch - everything you could want for an epic day of doing absolutely nothing! Forget banana boat rides and zip lines. Real stags lie on comfy beach mattresses while hot waitresses bring them beer, soft drinks and tinto de verano. Now that's living.

Tinto de verano is cold, delicious and the best hangover cure known to stag. One part red wine, and one part low-sugar carbonated drink (usually soda or local lemonade), it's served chilled and is practically guaranteed to stop your pounding head from getting in the way of a day in the sun. Sup up, recharge your glasses and raise an impromptu stag weekend toast.

A beach bar day is the ultimate answer to the stag weekend blues. Hungry chaps can satisfy their rumbling tums with sharing plates and desserts and the hungover fellers can hide under sun umbrellas, and everyone gets to do some quality chilling before your next night out.

In a nutshell:

  • Benalmadena beach bar
  • Sunbeds for the day
  • Selection of sharing plates and desserts
  • 2 free drinks per person (spirit and mixer)
  • 2 hours free bar during meal serving beer, soft drinks and tinto de verano (sangria style drink)
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