Whisky, tequila and rum on a bar with lights. Discover the Albufeira Bar Crawl with your stag party.

Albufeira Bar Crawl

Get the drinks in on your Albufeira stag night…

Get the lads ready for one helluva first night on your stag weekend with a massive Albufeira Bar Crawl! The neon lights, bangin’ clubs and poppin’ pubs are the Strip are an epic experience after dark. The streets of the Algarve’s most popular resort are lined with all sorts of excellent watering holes, but the question is…where do you even begin?

That’s a question for the experts, and where we come in. With our unrivalled knowledge of the nightlife in Albufeira’s legendary Old Town and the Strip, you’ll be steered away from the overpriced tourist traps and into the venues which have it all going on. We’re talking drinks deals for days, crazy games and whatever it takes to keep your stag party in fine spirits. Get involved, lads!

Kick your stag party off right in Albufeira!

Using our local nightlife guides, you’ll hop from hot spot to party central, hoovering up your shots, beers or cocktails along the way. Our guides know exactly when each spot is at its peak, so you’ll avoid looking like the lads from The Inbetweeners and get a guaranteed slice of action on your first night out. It’s a serious no-brainer, lads.

A bar crawl takes all the indecision out of the first night of your stag do. While other stags are out there wandering helplessly around the Strip, trying to work out which bars really rock while others just say they do, you and your crew will be having the ultimate night out. Find the venues that serve the best beer, play the biggest tunes and attract the finest ladies. What more could you ask for, for the groom’s stag weekend?

In a nutshell:

  • Albufeira Bar Crawl
  • Various bars and pubs on the strip
  • Meet in a centralised location
  • Nightclub entry included
  • Local nightlife guide
  • Ask your stag party planner for further details

Packages That Include This Activity:

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Bottoms Up

From £105.00 Per Person

Albufeira Stag Party Packages - Budget Bonanza
Budget Bonanza

From £120.00 Per Person

Albufeira Stag Party Packages - Shark Fishing
Deep Sea Fishing

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Albufeira Stag Party Packages - Hole in One
Hole in One

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Albufeira Stag Party Packages - Kings of Quads
Kings of Quads

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Albufeira Stag Party Packages - Ready Aim Fire
Ready Aim Fire

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Albufeira Stag Party Packages - Tree Top Adventure
Sky High Stags

From £132.00 Per Person

Albufeira Stag Party Packages - Sunset Cruisin
Sunset Cruisin

From £145.00 Per Person