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White Water Rafting Experience for Stag Weekends

White Water Rafting

Hang onto the side ropes, dig your paddle in and scream like a girl. If adrenaline's your thing, white water rafting is the way to bring it on a stag weekend!

Combining elements of team challenge with balls-to-the-wall lunacy, white water rafting is guaranteed to get everyone pulling together for the greater good. It's also likely to get you howling in fear and laughing with relief as you whirl through churning races and bounce down the descending sections of the quickest rivers in the UK and Europe.

Every course has been chosen for its variety and fear factor, as well as its ability to challenge stags without actually shutting you out! The runs are tricky in places and downright pant-ruiningly frightening in others - but you'll complete them all with a sense of absolute elation.

Instructors remain on board your rafts to see you through the difficult bits, and everyone is kitted out with all the latest safety gear. You'll be wearing helmets and buoyancy aids, plus wetsuits to keep you warm.

Always high up on the stag weekend bucket list, white water rafting is one of those "just do it" activities you'll be talking about for years!

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