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Wakeboarding Beach Club Experience for Stag Weekends

Wakeboarding Beach Club

Get your boardies on, rock those slaps and get into the beach bum lifestyle! We've found some quality beach clubs, which offer a winning stag party combination of high octane water sports and high level clubbing. Get wet, pull some moves, then rock up to the bar and get on it.

Wakeboarding takes some mastering, particularly if you've never done a board sport before. Fear not, though - you get expert, accredited tuition and plenty of chances to get up and riding!

For starters, you'll learn safety and basic board control. Find out how to stand up, keep your line tight and control the board in a straight blast across the water. Then add the finer points, like jumps and turns. Just don't try to bite off too much with your first go, or you'll end up on YouTube - bouncing across the ocean on your face, in a video recorded by the bride's brother.

When your stag party has got some air, you'll repair to the beach club for the next bit of your epic afternoon! Wind down, get a few brews inside you and enjoy the atmosphere. Details of the club vary from place to place, but you're likely to see live music or a decent DJ, and in most locations a full on lunch can be included as an extra. Nice.

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