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River Rafting Experience for Stag Weekends

River Rafting

If the groom's an adrenaline junkie, book river rafting for his stag do. The ultimate wild water ride, this is a bucket list classic! Bones will rattle, grown men will scream like girls, and you'll feel like superheroes by the time you charge past the finish point. There are all sorts of river experiences available, from basic rides for beginners to more challenging Grade II and III rapids for the adrenaline junkies.

River rafting is all about sticking two fingers up to fear and using team work to smash a challenge, which makes it perfect for a stag party. You'll face everything from rough water and rocks to medium waves and sharp drops. The aim of the game is to work as one solid unit to manoeuvre the raft, surf waves, get through the white water and finish the course.

We know some of the best river rafting spots in the world and will book you in for a ride with experienced, qualified instructors who know the waterways inside out. One instructor goes in each raft so you'll be with a professional from start to finish.

Come on! How often do you get the chance to experience something as awesome as river rafting? This could be your toughest challenge yet. Got the stones for it?

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