Wet and Wild Activities for a Stag Do, Stag Party or Stag Weekend


The thinking man's alternative to surfing, paddleboarding ticks all the waveriding boxes without the hassle. Standing up is guaranteed, the craft's much more stable than a standard surfboard and you'll feel the burn without busting a gut!

Originally a Hawaiian watersport, stand up paddleboarding has become the next big thing for coastal stag weekend spots. It's popular because it doesn't rely on wave conditions - you can take an SUP out when the ocean is flat as a pancake and still have a great time.

It's much easier than surfing, too, so you get the surfer dude feeling without having to put in all the effort. Simple point the nose of the board at the shore, paddle until you feel the wave picking you up, then let the ocean do the rest!

In some stag weekend locations, there are no waves at all. No problem for paddleboards! Pick a paddle and a craft for each man, and cruise around city destinations for a completely different way to see the sights.

You'll be given full instructions and a safety briefing before you step onto your board, and the venue will kit you out with any gear you need. Bring towels and a change of clothes, and don't forget to give the stag a good dunking!

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