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Kayak Canoe Safari

A break from your standard stag do stuff, a kayak and canoe safari allows you to boldly go where few tourists tread. Dive off the beaten track, breathe in the fresh air, face a fresh challenge and enjoy a close encounter with Mother Nature. You'll either be in single paddle canoes or kayaks, which have double-bladed paddles.

The beauty of a kayak and canoe safari is that it gets you up and about without knackering you out. Get the adrenaline going without sweating buckets, and enjoy a chilled paddle down a waterway with fast and slow sections.

Beginners are welcome, and experienced kayakers can show off their skills. Stag parties are shown the ropes by professional instructors before the actual safari starts. Master the basics of paddling a kayak, like the forward and backward strokes, and the eskimo roll. Once you're confident, the instructors will start the safari. Outdoor sports fanatics will relish the chance to pump up the old endorphins, and armchair warriors will be pleased you've selected an activity that involves alot of sitting down! Everyone's a winner with this one.

The price of a guided kayak and canoe safari includes professional tuition, equipment hire and safety clothing.

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