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Indoor Surfing Experience for Stag Weekends

Indoor Surfing

Dudes! Why jump into a freezing cold ocean, getting nailed by unpredictable sets and dragged halfway round the coast by rip tides, when you could be hanging ten on a perfectly formed indoor wave?

Indoor surfing is the latest craze to hit the board riding world. Designed for flat days, the wave riding machine uses nifty flow dynamics to create a standing wave you ride on a finless board. The board's nice and soft, so when you stack it (you will, it's hilarious!) you're less likely to hurt yourself. Take it in turns to pull into the barrel and carve that face.

This is the kind of stag weekend activity everyone loves, even if they're a bit unsure at first. Spoilsports who claim to be too hungover to get involved will soon change their tune when they see how much fun everyone else is having!

The art of standing up on a wave rider is way trickier than it looks - but once you've mastered it, you'll be gagging for more! It's all in the knees and hips. Keep your knees bent, and let your thighs take the weight as you change direction on the board.

Best men: if you fail to record video footage of the stag bouncing down the wave on his face, you aren't doing your job properly. Stag weekend gold.

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