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Baywatch Beach Games Experience for Stag Weekends

Baywatch Beach Games

Remember when red swimsuits bounced onto your TV screen every Saturday teatime? Happy days are here again! Gents, we give you Baywatch beach games! Spice up your stag do with Twister, beach volleyball and badminton refereed by a hot girl in a red bikini. Show off your skills, enjoy the eye candy and work on your tan.

Split the stag party into teams and settle old scores on the golden sands! Baywatch beach games are ideal for blowing off steam and giving hangovers their marching orders. Way more interesting than sitting on your backside all day, these classic games get everyone participating. Unleash the competitive beast within, spike the ball into the sand and capture the stag on camera in a compromising Twister position!

Play Baywatch beach games amongst yourselves or widen the net and get a tournament going with the group of girls you spotted in the bar last night. Obviously the groom gets stitched up mightily with a Pammie Anderson wig, a pair of fake norks and a red swimsuit!

In a nutshell:

  • Bikini girl
  • Beach volleyball, Twister and badminton gear
  • Beach ball

*Ask us about adding more bikini girls, drinks and a picnic to your stag party package.

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