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Adrenaline Adventure Activities for Stag Weekends

Adrenaline Adventure

Ban boring from your stag do with a massive heart-rate booster, in the shape of Adrenaline Adventure. Hosted in seaside locations, this is one of those activities that does exactly what it says on the tin!

In the case of Adrenaline Adventure, you won't just be beside the sea, but on it, in it, under it and above it. Don a wetsuit, a safety helmet and a buoyancy aid, and find out what it feels like to be a genuine coastal adventurer.

Your mission starts with a swim, out from a local beach and around the headland. From hereon in, the task is simple. Hug the coastline, and complete a challenging circuit involving hidden bays, rock pools and cliffs!

Your group will swim, leap, scramble, climb and launch itself into deep pools. In some places, you'll need to watch for the exact right moment as the tide rushes in and out of a cavern or waves crash onto the rocks below. Wait for your instructor to give the go ahead, then leap to the spot she indicates.

Wildly exhilarating, Adrenaline Adventure is all about trusting in your group leader and achieving things you never thought possible. Fear not, though. The instructors know every inch of the coast and have done this thousands of times before. Stick to their route, and you'll have the stag do experience of a lifetime!

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