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Vodka Museum Experience for Stag Weekends

Vodka Museum

How do you get a couple of sneaky shots in on your stag weekend, without having to tell the Mrs you spent the whole two days in a pub? Easy. Go to a vodka museum, learn about the distilling and bottling processes, and sample the merchandise. It's all in the name of culture!

In selected stag weekend locations, you can get the inside track on how different vodkas are made, flavoured and bottled in quirky interactive tours. Join your guide as she takes you on a fascinating trip through the history and manufacture of the world's favourite spirit.

You'll meet dozens of insane varieties of voddy, find out crazy facts about the tipple, and round off your afternoon with a sample. When you're done looking round, why not carry on the cultural experience with a few more shots in the museum bar?

An ideal afternoon extra for the stag who wants a warm-up before his night out, a vodka museum tour is short, sweet and just what the doctor ordered. Get in after a boat trip, adventure activity or sightseeing tour of your chosen stag weekend destination. With nothing but prime vodka in sight, you'll have no trouble getting the night started a little early!

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