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Pizza Night

Want a quick, classic meal to kick off your stag party? Nothing says "tasty" like pizza!

These aren't just any old pizzas. We've scoured our most popular stag party destinations to bring you the finest stonebaked goodness in town. Expect swish toppings, belting booze and an atmosphere you won't want to leave.

The ideal "slow start" to a big evening, a pizza night ticks every stag party box under the sun. You get enough food to satisfy, but not so much the boys can't move for a day. There's good quality beer involved, and if you're chowing down on artisan pizzas you also get the option to snaffle the groom's slices when he isn't looking!

A great alternative to the standard sit-down meal, this is also the perfect solution to an age-old problem. How do you get a restaurant to take on a massive bunch of blokes on a mission? You don't! Book in advance, and your places are assured. These venues have been personally checked by us for quality of service and friendliness, too, so you can relax. They'll treat you right.

Pizza's the best way to satisfy a big group of fellers with different appetites. There's something for everyone, from the spice-mad meat lover to the health-conscious veggie. Get involved!

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This activity is available in the following destinations:

we are good to go, visit England
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