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Italian Meal Experience for Stag Weekends

Italian Meal

Big appetite? An Italian meal just like momma used to cook is the perfect answer. And by booking it in advance, your stag party doesn't even have to worry about picking up the check at the end of the night!

Wrap yourselves around heaving bowls of meatballs and pasta, whopping great calzone dripping with cheese and killer fillings, or classic pizzas. Whet those appetites with bruschetta, cold cuts and garlic bread. And don't forget the big finish - tiramisu is a must, washed down with a palate-cleansing shot of limoncello.

Italians know how to socialise, which makes an Italian meal perfect for a stag party dinner. Get the boys together, swap old stories, create new ones and introduce lads who don't know each other before the night gets serious. With carafes of house wine to help the food go down, every man jack of you will be best buds before the end of the second course!

All of our Italian venues are checked by us personally, and guaranteed to score bullseyes on the important stag party points. They're busy, friendly and centrally located. They offer meat and veggie options, man-sized portions and plenty of different dishes. And the staff are totally used to boisterous chaps.

Satisfy those appetites the old way, with the stag meal equivalent of the Godfather trilogy. Molto bene!

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