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Hard Rock Cafe Experience for Stag Weekends

Hard Rock Cafe

Legendary eats await at the global phenomenon that is the Hard Rock Cafe. We can book your stag party a great table at the Hard Rock of your choice, sorting out your payment beforehand so all you have to do on the day is turn up and eat!

Bring bruised heads back to life with massive burgers, succulent ribs and ridiculous sides. Most Hard Rock Cafes do a local version of their Legendary Burger, which uses authentic spices and unusual ingredients to bring you a taste of the city. Wrap your laughing gear around a bun the size of your head, sink a couple of deliciously cool beers, and dig the rock n roll memorabilia.

Every stag party needs a good meal. It can be the difference between a successful second night, and the boys wimping out of the action at 10pm! Load up on slow release carbs, get your hit of American style cheese and don't forget the dessert menu. Stag shouldn't have to survive on burger alone, but with a whopping great hot chocolate brownie under his belt he can live to dance another night!

Top tip: house thick shakes are the way to go if you've got a proper hangover. They're like sucking happy through a straw.

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