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Cocktail Making

Every bartender knows the ability to make cocktails is a guaranteed hit with the ladies. As soon as you can bounce a shaker off a bar mat and pour a perfect Cosmopolitan, every lovely lady in the room wants to get with you.

Learn badass moves like the over the shoulder flip, create wacky new cocktails or stick to the basics. Using the finest ingredients and plenty of flair, your stag party is going to get a rare insight into the Jedi skills of true mixology!

Get to grips with secret techniques and cocktail components. When you understand how the different flavours and ingredients go together, you'll be able to invent killer drinks on the spot.

You'll get a reserved area in a buzzing central bar, a dedicated cocktail master to put you through your paces - and most importantly several drinks to get you in the mood! After you've mixed, muddled and shaken your way through the afternoon, every feller in the stag party will be in the mood for a big night out.

A great alternative to sitting around the pub, cocktail making lessons get the boys engaged and creative without too much effort. Who's got the maddest mixing skills?

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