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Chinese Meal Experience for Stag Weekends

Chinese Meal

For stags who want a little bit of everything, we recommend a Chinese meal. We'll get you a guaranteed table at a quality Chinese restaurant, for a menu heaving with favourites. From wonton soup to crispy duck, this is the meal option you need if you want dozens of dishes for your money!

Chinese food is great for a stag do dinner. Everyone gets to tuck into loads of different dishes, and you won't get too full, so you can still go on to do great things with beer afterwards.

Booking in advance means you get a table no matter how many chaps there are in the stag party, and it also means you sort the cost before you turn up. We get your meal arranged and paid for while you lot are still at work, so there are no bills to haggle over on the night. Just quality Chinese grub, well cooked, and all the time in the world to catch up with the lads.

Most of our Chinese meal options include a drinks deal - check with your stag party co-ordinator to find out what you're entitled to. You can of course buy more booze at the restaurant.

We've selected Chinese restaurants that put you close to the most popular drinking areas in town, so you don't have far to wander when you've eaten your fill.

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