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Brewery Tour with Lunch Experience for Stag Weekends

Brewery Tour with Lunch

There's only one thing better than touring a local brewery on your stag weekend, and that's touring a local brewery with lunch. Not only do you get to drink the best beer in the country, right where it's being brewed, but you also get to chow down on massive platefuls of regional snacks. Now that's what we call a win-win situation!

There are dozens of local breweries on our lists. Some specialise in lager, others have their feet planted squarely in the ale aisle. All of them are top quality in their field, and offer brewery tours we have tried and tested ourselves. You're guaranteed interesting information, vivacious guides and - most importantly - great quality beer with at least one freebie per chap.

Adding lunch to your brewery tour means you get the full experience. Match your local brews to the food that really brings it to life, and feed the boys so they don't get too merry too early!

Depending on location, you might get a few extra gifts - like a souvenir beer glass from the brewery. Lunch is guaranteed to be big and hearty, and your guide takes care of any language difficulties so you know exactly what you're eating.

A stag weekend needs food, but it also needs beer. Getting fed on a brewery tour is a stroke of genius.

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