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Brewery Dinner Experience for Stag Weekends

Brewery Dinner

Love beer? Love the brewery dinner! Join us for a right royal evening of quaffing and munching, in a centrally located brewery that knows how to entertain the troops.

You'll get heaving platters of local loveliness, including heaps of appetizers and not one but three main courses. And that's not including the beer! Get involved with massive tubes of the local brew (or pint glasses for the faint of heart!), eat until you can't anymore and finish off the lot with a few shots. Now that's how you start a stag weekend.

You get to see the vats where the beer is stored, and watch it being drawn straight from the tap. Quality quaff doesn't come much fresher than this! Enjoy the flavours of a classic brew at source, toast the stag with your ridiculous drinking vessels and wait for the next main course to arrive. If you can move after you've finished your second plate, you're not doing it right.

Perfect for night one of the stag weekend, when the lads need to get to know each other and the city is yet to be conquered, a brewery dinner does everything right. Relax for a few hours in a great brewing pub right in the middle of town, get to know the place and eat like kings. When you've digested the feast and finished your complimentary shots, all you need to do to find the party is walk out the door.

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