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Bierkeller Meal Experience for Stag Weekends

Bierkeller Meal

If you want a stag do dinner that features generous portions of real man grub, a bierkeller meal will do the business. Leave the fine dining silver service stuff for the wedding and fill your boots with comfort food that'll set you up for a night of swilling litre steins of beer and ogling hot waitresses in Bavarian costume.

You could easily spend an entire stag night at the bierkeller. Meal deals are excellent value for money, and with a table already reserved for your group, you're set up for the night. Get everyone round the table, raise a couple of steins and chow down on popular main courses that come with chips. We're talking fat boy burgers, chicken, wraps, and crispy onion rings. Just what you need to survive a night on the Bavarian brewskis.

When you've scraped plates, raised toasts and done a couple of championship quality belches, it's time to get the steins in and do the oompah dance as the band takes to the stage and the hens start dancing on tables. When the band's finished it's over to the resident DJ who busts out the party bangers until the early hours. Do fancy dress, drink too much, get the stag on stage and have a rip roaring night. A bierkeller meal will keep you going until the last stein.

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