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Beer Table Dinner Experience for Stag Weekends

Beer Table Dinner

Great grub and beer on tap? Sounds like a plan. Ideal for stag dos, a beer table dinner is a stroke of genius. No queuing at the bar or waiting for a waitress to take your drinks order. We've found a little gem of a restaurant that's got beer pumps at tables. Want a brewski? Lean over, pour your own and start supping in record time.

There's plenty of great grub to soak up all the beer. Table dinners include a range of hearty and delicious dishes that you can't get back home. It's all good filling grub, no airs, smears of foam across plates, or tiny parcels of meat with microscopic cubes of potato. Grab the opportunity to try a local specialty and line stomachs for the traditional stag night bar crawl.

No nasty surprises when the bill arrives. Nor will you have to mess about splitting the bill and paying with a billion different credit cards. The cost of a beer table dinner is set and paid for prior to your stag do. Arrive at the pre-arranged time, take your seats, scoff, quaff as much beer as you like at the table, and then head off to the bars.

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