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Beer and Burger Experience for Stag Weekends

Beer and Burger

The two words every chap wants to hear on a stag weekend are "beer" and "burger". With this magic combination under your man-belt, anything is possible!

This delicious meal combo features all the stag weekend staples: a centrally located bar and restaurant, top quality beers from all around the world, and a selection of burgers so massive it can be seen from space. It's the ideal way to get the boys back on form after a night out - or for kicking things off, when you need a quick and brilliant meal before the party begins.

Fill up on patty, cheese and sauce styles that will make your taste buds stand to attention - whether you order the classic American, the spicy Moroccan veggie or the healthy chicken. Slather on the sauces, select your toppings and pile those plates high with sides. If Adam Richman of Man V Food fame was invited to this party, he'd die a happy chap.

There are brews from most major continents on offer to wash down all that lovely nosh, including craft beers from some of the finest micro breweries on earth. Match full-bodied Boston lagers and American ales with blue cheese sauce or chorizo-enhanced ketchup for a marriage made in heaven.

This isn't just stag weekend food, chaps. It's flame grilled, man pleasing happiness on a plate.

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