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Absinthe Night

Got a bunch of crazy stags to entertain? If vodka's too girly and tequila's too tame, try an absinth night for size. We'll arrange for a local party guide to take you on a tour of absinth bars across the city. Learn how to drink absinth like an aficionado, separate fact from fiction and find out if it really gives grown men hallucinations!

The green goddess is famous for blowing the socks off even the most hardened booze hounds, which makes an absinthe night ideal for a stag do. Joking aside, this is a great chance to try a spirit that was once banned in most countries and is still stronger than most at 45-74% ABV.

Reckon you can handle the really strong stuff? Only one way to find out! There are only a handful of absinthe bars in existence in selected European countries. You'll be visiting a few bars that serve absinthe in one crazy night with a local to lead the way when things get a bit fuzzy!

You can go on a bar crawl any old time. If you want a stag do that'll go down in legend, round up the usual suspects for an absinthe night and mix things up a bit.

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