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Stag Night Special Activity for Stag Weekends

Stag Night Special

Give your best bud the sendoff of a lifetime, with no effort required on your part! The stag night special covers all the important bases of a successful celebration, from food and booze to ladies waving their pants around - and all in suitably heaping, man-sized quantities. Are you ready to party?

Starting with some belting great portions of man fuel, which you'll be picking from a menu of tried and tested stag party favourites, the whole evening is laid out for you. All you lot have to do is eat your fill, drink until you can't fit in another drop, and spend quality time with the hottest waitresses in the city!

When you've scoffed the lot and drunk the place dry, you'll be treated to a fine topless show. Just the thing for the man of the moment, and perfect to help all that lovely grub go down. But don't think that's all you're getting, chaps. The boobies you see here are only the beginning. This is a stag night special, after all!

Next up, entry to a top strip club. No tourist traps or sticky-carpet dives where the ladies are older than your mum. We only send our stag parties to quality joints, where you're guaranteed fun loving girls and decent drinks prices.

So, to recap: food, beer, beer, boobs, and entry to a club where the girls are beautiful, bubbly and absolutely in the mood to take it all off. Stag party sorted. You're welcome!

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