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Erotic Massage Activity for Stag Weekends

Erotic Massage

You'd expect something that calls itself to be an erotic massage to be, well, erotic. Far more exciting than your average back, neck and shoulder job, this sensually-charged massage will refresh the parts others fail to reach, if you catch our drift! Yes, it's the genuine article and no, we won't tell a soul!

Tip us the wink and we'll book the stag in for an erotic massage at a reputable establishment. No hidden charges or other unwelcome tourist traps. Club together, keep it a surprise and watch his face light up when he sees his gorgeous masseuse and realises what's in store. It all starts off pretty innocently with oils and working out kinks in muscles (you do actually get a pretty decent massage out of this one!) and then gets progressively sexier until the massage hits its climax. Hence the 'erotic' part of the title.

We shan't spoil the surprise, but let's just say the groom's in for one of those famous happy endings when his hot masseuse wriggles her amazing body against his!

A change from your usual stag night at a strip club, an erotic massage is a far more personal, memorable experience that the groom will remember for years.

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